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Here you will find the short films created by the youth who attended Eco Dfndrs Summer Camp. Each film is an expression of one or more students' thoughts and feelings about the state of the environment and their fears for the future. These films show young people taking action and speaking out about something they care about.

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Made at camp!

Beware it's There!

Made by:

Beware, It’s There! is a horror spoof. After actor Mackenzie Rae throws an empty plastic bottle into the ocean, plastic water bottles start to mysteriously appear everywhere and end up pursuing her into the ocean where…. Well see for yourself!

One million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world. Take action to stop pollution now!

The Denman Dilemma

Made by:

The Denman Dilemma tackles the current Denman ferry issue – the benefits of lower emissions from the cable ferry versus ocean pollution from plastic shedding from the cable itself. And it tackles it from two perspectives combining acted scenes with real interviews with a BC Ferries representative and with local environmental advocates.

Jeff Schneider, versus the former Jeff Schneider who is in turn against the world

Made by:

Jeff Schneider, versus the former Jeff Schneider who is in turn against the world, is a time-travel film set in 2035 when the world is flooding due to melting polar ice and rising sea levels. Jeff Schneider goes back to 2019 to talk some sense into his teen self and try to save the world.

We Make That Change

Written and performed by:


"Talking about Change doesn’t make it happen.” So sing a group of Dfndrs wandering the farmlands of Denman Island. “The Earth is weakening, we have to keep on trying. We can make that Change.”

Every Day Miracles are Happening

Written and performed by:


"The earth has given us our home, it's given us our lives. We can’t take this Earth for granted, please have mercy on our planet. Let’s start today!” This beautiful song of encouragement and hope was written and performed by Dfndrs Ella and Kalena.

Micro Plastics

Written by:

Music by:

Looking forty years into our future, fishing isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s a nightmare. A group of Dfndrs collaborated on this cautionary tale of the effects of mircro plastics in our Oceans.

Be One With the Fish

Written by, featuring, and music by:

A dramatic comedy about how a group of friends learn about the shocking consequences of ingesting micro plastics. No Mermaids were harmed in the making of this movie.


Written by:


“We support those who are willing to Change!” So declare two Dfndrs after their bicycle tour where they discover how some folks on Denman Island are reducing their greenhouse gasses.


Written by:

Creative Designers:


We’ve all seen countless infomercials in our time, but nothing like this! Yes, you too can own an easy peasy lemon squeezy three-step guilty lifestyle. And that’s not all!


Written by:


Using multiple pairs of scissors to represent environmental destruction, Dfndr Tomio reminds us of the Fragility of Nature.

This Place We Live

Written by:

Backup vocals by:

An original song by Kalena Young that explores her feelings on the state of the environment.

Earth’s Voice

Written and created by:

What would the world look like if all our laws were made with the earth's view taken into account?

Date Without Water

Written and created by:


Production Assistant:

  • Bodhi Lim

In the future, water is scarce. You save the water you need for only the most important things. How does this affect young people trying to go on a date? A humorous look at a potentially frightening problem.

The Story of Queenesh, the White Wale

Written and created by:

Through the retelling of the K'Omoks First Nation story of Queneesh, this film looks at the uncertainty that faces us with the effects of global warming.

Our Changing Climate

Written and created by:

Macey goes on location in Denman Island to find out how locals are adapting to climate change.


Written and created by:

Canadians waste tons of food each year. Gabe has some tips for those of us who can't stop ourselves from throwing out good, useful food. Including... soup.

Old Growth

Written and created by:

Alarming facts about the lack of old growth forest in the world and the effect of losing this precious resource.

Self Sufficient

Written and created by:

Taio's spoken word poem about the realization that by learning how to be resourceful and create her own things she is being kinder to the environment.

Our Wild Salmon

Written and created by:

Miranda explains her concerns about the Wild Salmon population.

Our Ocean

Written and created by:

A poem by Sophie Chapman, exploring her connection to the ocean and the danger there is in losing it.

Hornby Island

Written and created by:

Tourism on Hornby Island presents a microcosm for how humans overuse desirable land and resources for their pleasure, without looking at the potential harm.

Two Roads Farm

Written and created by:

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