We are Eco Dfndrs

Miranda Koks at Eco Dfndrs Summer Camp

Hi, I’m Miranda. I’m an Eco Dfndr.

I’m a student from Langley, B.C. My hobbies are horseback riding, volleyball and track. I also enjoy being with animals, being in nature and protecting the environment. That passion led me to becoming a eco-DFNDR. I also became a DFNDR to show what is happening to the world around us.

Our Wild Salmon

My concerns about the Wild Salmon population.

The Story of Queenesh, the White Wale

Through the retelling of the K'Omoks First Nation story of Queneesh, this film looks at the uncertainty that faces us with the effects of global warming.

Now what?

You can be a DFNDR!

Environmental activists aged 12–15 are invited to apply for a one week all expenses paid Environmental Action Camp on Denman Island, BC. Spend a week creating compelling media – music, drama, documentary, and dance – all with a focus on defending the environment.

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We are Eco Dfndrs. We create, share and collaborate on ideas to get our message out. We don’t just say we care for our environment, we do more. We make films to open people’s eyes, start conversations and inspire action.

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