We are Eco Dfndrs

Nic Gillespie, at Eco Dfndrs summer camp

Hi, I’m Nic. I’m an Eco Dfndr.

I love dirt biking, skiing and acting. The camp is a great way for me to speak about the environment and to get film experience.

Jeff Schneider, versus the former Jeff Schneider who is in turn against the world

A time-travel film set in 2035 when the world is flooding due to melting polar ice and rising sea levels. Jeff Schneider goes back to 2019 to talk some sense into his teen self and try to save the world.

Micro Plastics

Looking forty years into our future, fishing isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s a nightmare. A group of Dfndrs collaborated on this cautionary tale of the effects of mircro plastics in our Oceans.

Date without water

In the future, water is scarce. You save the water you need for only the most important things. How does this affect young people trying to go on a date? A humorous look at a potentially frightening problem.

Old Growth

Alarming facts about the lack of old growth forest in the world and the effect of losing this precious resource.

Now what?

You can be a DFNDR!

Environmental activists aged 12–15 are invited to apply for a one week all expenses paid Environmental Action Camp on Denman Island, BC. Spend a week creating compelling media – music, drama, documentary, and dance – all with a focus on defending the environment.

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We stand for world peace.

We are Eco Dfndrs. We create, share and collaborate on ideas to get our message out. We don’t just say we care for our environment, we do more. We make films to open people’s eyes, start conversations and inspire action.

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