We are Eco Dfndrs

Tomio Walkley-Miyagawa at Eco Dfndrs summer camp

Hi, I’m Tomio. I’m an Eco Dfndr.

Filmaking for me is my way of creative release. Editing is my favourite bit, it may involve spending hours in a dark room in front of a computer screen but its very creative and you have a lot of control over the

Other than editing I like to spend my time creating board games, listening to podcasts and being outside. I am, and continue to be exited about learning more about all aspects of filming and the environment.


Using multiple pairs of scissors to represent environmental destruction, Dfndr Tomio reminds us of the Fragility of Nature.

Micro Plastics

Looking forty years into our future, fishing isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s a nightmare. A group of Dfndrs collaborated on this cautionary tale of the effects of mircro plastics in our Oceans.

Now what?

You can be a DFNDR!

Environmental activists aged 12–15 are invited to apply for a one week all expenses paid Environmental Action Camp on Denman Island, BC. Spend a week creating compelling media – music, drama, documentary, and dance – all with a focus on defending the environment.

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We are Eco Dfndrs. We create, share and collaborate on ideas to get our message out. We don’t just say we care for our environment, we do more. We make films to open people’s eyes, start conversations and inspire action.

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