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In DFNDRS in ACTION we meet two young, award winning environmental activists, Rupert and Franny. This dynamic brother and sister duo have been working to raise awareness about climate change since they were 10 and 7 years old respectively. They believe “you’re never too young to make the world a better place.”

Ready to take action?

Eco Dfndrs are taking actions in their lives, big and small, to care for our environment. You can be an Eco Dfndr! Check out the links below for ideas on what you can do. If you try something, let us know and you could be featured on this page to inspire others.

Reduce your plastic use

“After learning more about microplastics and plastic vortexes in the ocean, my family and I are working harder to reduce our plastic usage.”

Join Sophie by trying out these Tips to use less plastic from the Green Education Foundation.

Fight climate change

“Just recently I have been finding out a lot more about global warming and climate change and the terrible things that are happening to our earth. I want to help and do everything I can to change our future.”

Join Kalena in learning about climate change and take action with Environmental Defense.

Save the salmon

“I’m concerned about our wild salmon. Salmon have provided us with food for our people for generations. If there's enough room for us, there should be enough room for salmon.”

Join Miranda and help the salmon: support the campaign to protect wild salmon with Pacific Wild.

Reduce food waste

“We waste 3.1 billion tons of food a year. I want to make a change. I want to waste no more.”

Join Gabe and find out how to reduce your food waste with the David Suzuki Foundation.

Fight Deforestation

“Deforestation is such a pointless, but expensive toll on the planet. We only get one world, and apparently it’s difficult for some people to see that.”

Join Nic and stand up for forests by learning facts about deforestation and what you can do from Conservation International.

Support our right to a healthy environment

“We live off the land, as much as we can. By doing these things, I've been helping the environment my whole life.”

Join Taio in speaking out about our right to live in a healthy environment with Bluedot.

Ready to inspire others?

The Educating Toward Change Society is looking for youth who have a message to share about the environment. If you’re interested in making a film, get in touch to find out how we can help.

Got summer plans?

Each summer, The Educating Towards Change Society (ETC) invites environmental activists aged 12–15 to apply to attend a one week all expenses paid Environmental Action Camp on Denman Island, BC. Spend a week creating compelling media – music, drama, documentary, and dance – all with a focus on defending the environment.

Learn more about camp

Save the world!

We are Eco Dfndrs. We create, share and collaborate on ideas to get our message out. We don’t just say we care for our environment, we do more. We make films to open people’s eyes, start conversations and inspire action.

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